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Software Process Improvement

Madachy Software Process Consulting helps organizations improve their software development processes by providing training and consulting services. We have expertise in process improvement, software cost estimation, software metrics, software risk management, process modeling, software process assessments, and technology transfer.

Our current course offerings include Software Cost Estimation with COCOMO II, Software Process Modeling, Software Risk Management, Basic Software Metrics, and Advanced Software Metrics. We also have Software Engineering Institute-licensed process assessors.

Litigation Support

Dr. Raymond Madachy has served as an expert witness for investigating software design/code intellectual property theft, determining the market value of software intellectual property, software project contract performance, and determination of software development "should costs" in support of contract litigation. Methods include forensic software size and quality measurement, use of parametric cost models, productivity analysis, and industry benchmarking within the US and International. He has testified in depositions.

See Dr. Madachy's CV for details of litigation support services.


COCOMO II Cost Estimation Tool A web-based COCOMO II tool developed by Dr. Madachy.


Software Process Dynamics by Raymond Madachy Software-Cost-Estimation-COCOMO-Raymond-Madachy Software Cost Estimation Metrics Manual for Defense Systems What Every Engineer Should Know About Modeling and Simulation

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